Is snail creme all its hyped up to be?

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For those with an open mind, you may just try about anything to get the perfect complexion, and snail excrements is the new skin craze. This new ingredient is beginning to pop up in high-end skin care products and is full of beneficial compounds that moisturize the skin, help to reduce inflammation and and help to minimize acne scars.

The mucus is called Helix aspersa muller glycoconjugates and it works to protect snails from cuts, bacteria and sun damage. The slime consists of hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, glycoloc acid, antimicrobial and copper peptides, proteoglycans and elastin; all common ingredients currently found in beauty products.

This beauty oddity was accidentally discovered by Chilean farmers who harvest snails for French escargot. They noticed the skin of their hands appeared smoother and younger, triggering the next new craze in skin care ingredients.

Currently, limited research exists to support the idea that snail cream restores the skin but it has been shown to boost production of elastin and collagen in cell cultures. Anecdotal evidence shares that it’s also effective in reducing the appearance of dark spots and scars. It is also said to cause the skin to appear plumper and less wrinkled.

For the truly adventurous, beauty explorers can make their way to spa located in Thailand or Japan to experience an extravegent $200 facial that consists of snails crawling all over your face. However, if you’re on a budget and can’t stomach the slimy bug facial there are numerous beauty products currently on the market that won’t break your wallet or induce an instant gag reflex.

Acne problems may be solved with new drug from the makers of Botox

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Get ready for the latest news in Botox! Late-stage trials of an acne medication from Pharmaceutical giants, Allergan and Partek. The companies report that two of their Phase 3 trails of the drugs sarecycline, an antibiotic with anti-inflammatory properties, has be successful in treating moderate to severe acne.

“The positive efficacy results observed in the pivotal phase 3 clinical trials indicate that sarecycline can be an effective treatment option for patients with moderate to severe acne.” States David Nicholson, chief global research and development officer for Allergan. The patients that recieved a daily dose of medication reported fewer inflmamed lesions compared to those who didn’t receive treatment. Due to the successful trials, Allegran has announced plan to file applications for the drug with the FDA.

The drug is also stated to help with symptoms of rosacea as well, which is a condition that causes redness, bumps and blotchy skin.

Top three services to reverse skin damage

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With summer coming to an end, the beating your skin took during the coarse of it may be visibly noticeable. If you’re looking to repair the damage your skin may have endured during the summer, we’ve listed three great services that can be done to repair the damage at your local medical spa.

shutterstock_229927825Microneedling: this treatment utilizes a small device that contains multiple small needles which penetrate the skin causing it to be stimulated so the skin can begin to repair itself. Because this technique produces small openings within the skin, products can be introduced into the top layer of skin effortlessly. Microneedling stimulates collagen production that helps to enhance the skin, it takes our bodies 3 to 6 months to produce new collagen.




shutterstock_670810864Chemical Peel: Medical-grade chemical peels help to treat the appearance of unwanted pigment deposits as well as fine lines, skin texture and skin elasticity. Chemical peels decrease the time it takes new skin to be produced therefore it results in reversal of facial aging. Typically after treatment, peels are not painful and produce mild flaking after the procedure.

Chemical Peel treatments can include:
– Alpha Hydroxy acid peels
– Jessner Peels
– TCA Peels
– Phenol peels

shutterstock_520841797Laser treatments:
Laser skin resurfacing treatments can aim to help your skin look younger and healthier by helping to minimize the appearance of blotches, scars, wrinkles and fine lines. Laser skin resurfacing works by removing skin, layer by layer. Treatments usually take between 30 – 45 minutes.

Laser treatments aim to:
– Reverse the appearance of aged and sun damaged skin
– Improve texture and firmness
– Smooth wrinkles and lines
– Reduce the appearance of acne and other scars
– Renew your skin

Recovery Time for laser skin resurfacing is usually a few days. During recovery time, keep your skin hydrated and avoid irritants.

Whether you choose microneedling, chemical peels or a laser treatment, be sure to take time to research the advantages and disadvantages of all options to determine which approach is the solution best for your skin.

Can wrinkle prevention using Botox help fight depression

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30 to 50 percent of individuals in the US meet diagnostic criteria for clinical depressive disorder. Little is understood about the health condition but it effects one in four people at some point in their lives. Read more…

Interested in losing weight?

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What You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Weight loss can be achieved either by eating fewer calories or by burning more calories with physical activity, preferably both. Read more…

The Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss

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The debate about the best way to achieve a healthy weight always revolves around eating and movement. If you want to look better, the most common suggestion is “eat less and move more.” But it’s not that simple, or even accurate. Read more…

10 Useful Weight Loss Tips

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Eat a high-protein breakfast. Eating a high-protein breakfast has been shown to reduce cravings and calorie intake throughout the day. Read more…

What causes our skin to age?

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Many things cause our skin to age. Some things we cannot do anything about; others we can influence. Read more…

Skin: Factors of influence

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The skin has various layers work side by side to create the most beautifully functioning and healthy skin that we could possibly have. However, the natural physiological behavior of the skin is influenced by a multitude of not only external, but internal factors. Read more…

Water And a Healthier Skin

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Drinking an adequate amount of water daily is important for overall good health because water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and even on the elimination process. Read more…

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