I-lipo Fat Loss Treatments Florham Park, NJ

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I-lipo Fat Loss Treatments at Dr. Li Wellness

i-lipo-fat-lossNot seeing the weight loss results you wanted after months of working out or just having trouble getting rid of that last bit of fat? Losing weight can be very difficult but with the i-Lipo laser we can melt that fat away. The i-Lipo laser is the best alternative out there for other painful options, such as liposuction. Unlike liposuction the i-Lipo laser is much cheaper and does not damage the skin or leave any scars. The i-Lipo uses cold laser technology that attacks the fat cells without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. The treatment only takes about 30 minutes, is completely safe and painless, leaves no bruises, and is much cheaper than liposuction and other alternatives. By combining the i-Lipo treatment with a proper diet and exercise regimen you can get better results and keep the fat off.

The i-Lipo laser usually yields the best results for people that are just trying to lose those last few pounds than people who are trying to lose a lot more. The i-Lipo laser can be used on various parts of the body that has stubborn fat, such as the belly, legs and thighs, without any negative side effects. The i-Lipo laser is even effective at getting rid of stubborn neck fat that just doesn’t seem to go away. The only area where the i-Lipo laser cannot be used is on the breasts of a woman.

The i-Lipo laser is just one of the many weight loss services we offer at Dr. Li wellness. We offer various other services such as meal replacement, several different weight loss medication, Lipo-B injections, myoden injections, and the HCG and Optifast weight loss program. We will find the right weight loss treatment that will give you the results you are looking for, all while under the supervision of a physician. The physician will monitor your condition and results and make changes if necessary. Your health will always be monitored by the physician just in case any negative results appear.

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