« Four days before my 40th birthday, I decided to admit to myself I needed to try something new. My whole life I had struggled with my weight. I had dieted and lost weight more times than I could count, but each time gained the weight back, and then some. I was obese, and terribly out of shape. It was affecting my career. It was affecting my life. It was affecting my family. I decided to google “weight loss doctor” and called the first few top hits.

I started seeing doctor Li because of her simple, no nonsense approach, and the support she puts behind her program. Right away Dr. Li prescribed me with medications to help me curb my appetite. She helped me find foods I liked that I could eat, and helped me find simple techniques for figuring out what I should and shouldn’t do when I was on the road traveling, out to eat at a restaurant, or on vacation. Soon I was losing a few pounds every week.

That was 62 pounds ago. Since then, I’ve come to realize that food was wired into every part of my life. It was the focal point of my friendships (dinner parties), my hobbies (cooking)…it became what I was known for among my friends. Week by week, Dr. Li helped me change my life, but with minimal effort. Dr. Li didn’t just help me lose the weight, she helped me figure out how to keep it off. It’s been a year since I reached my goal. Since that time, I’ve thrown out two entire wardrobes, and had a third tailored to fit me. I regularly now- I’m a green belt in mixed martial arts. I feel amazing. My life is changed forever. I’m never going back.

None of this would have been possible without Dr. Li. I had dieted and lost weight so many times without understanding what it took to be successful over the long term. Calling her office that day was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my family and for my life. »

Mike (February 2018)

« My family has said for years that I can accomplish anything once I put my mind to it. So why was it so difficult to manage my weight throughout my adult life? I have certainly been able to lose weight for occasions throughout the years (my sister’s wedding, high school reunion, family cruise). But eventually the pounds would start to creep back up. I watched my mom complain her entire life about being overweight and saw my Grandmother and her sisters overweight. My three sisters are overweight. I felt as though I was reaching an inevitable fate of being overweight for the rest of my life and I guess you could say I started giving in and giving up to what seemed to be a family history of fat women!
I started feeling the effects of my heaviness, developing several health problems especially over the past 10 years: bursitis in my hips, plantars fasciitis in my feet, endless lower back pain, chronic migraines, high blood pressure, tendinitis in elbows and torn meniscus in knee. I felt as though my body was betraying me, as it was painful to exercise. I used food to cope with many problems in my life and never seemed to be in sync with my husband with a diet or exercise program. If I was on board he wasn’t and vice versa. Not to mention we had a very busy house with raising 4 kids, crazy schedules and lots of bad food choices in the pantry!
The knock out punch came in July 2014 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 2) and underwent 13 months of treatment to include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. At that point my weight was around 236. After treatment was over I gained about 10 pounds and found myself at 245 in December 2016. It was the lowest point of my life. Feeling frustrated I joined a gym and worked with a nutritionist but was not able to make the progress I wanted.
I was given Dr. Li’s number from my general practitioner in February 2017 during a standard visit to refill my blood pressure prescription. She told me Dr. Li could help me. Someone who could help me! I was all in. I began the program April 17, 2017 and lost 80 pounds in 8 months.
Dr Li truly wanted to see me succeed and I could feel her encouragement. She provided me with every possible tool that I needed. And since my family was all in with me, I was supported from all sides. This wasn’t easy but she made it easy for me. My success was due to my 100% commitment to the program and my faith in Dr. Li. Each time we met she would address situations or challenges I was having and we would talk them through. I never once felt I would fail and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope for a healthy active life. I’ve got this!!
Bottom line, we all know what we need to do in order to eat right and exercise but something went wrong along the way! I believe Dr. Li has been able to get me back on track so that I can move forward happy and healthy.

Barbara M. (DECEMBER 2017)


« I cannot say enough about Dr. Li and her staff. I wouldn’t have been able to lose 58 pounds in 6 months without their help. I originally wanted to lose 30 pounds. But after I saw how easy it was I kept lowering my goal weight. Not only did Dr. Li provide me with the food needed to lose the weight, she also educated me on how to eat healthy after I was done with the total meal replacement diet. My energy level has spiked. I used to lay in bed for a hour. Now I’m up out of bed within 5 minutes of my alarm clock going off. I now go to the gym a minimum of 5 days a week and love every minute of it. My only regret I have is not calling Dr Li sooner! »

Brian C. (DECEMBER 2017)


« In November 2016, I completed in a Figure Competition for my 34th birthday. I was in the best shape of my life. Then it was over and I gained more than 30 pounds. I could not get the weight off. I was unhappy with how I looked. So for my 35th birthday, I came to Dr. Li. We discussed weight loss program options and I chose HCG. Within the first four weeks I lost weight and started feeling myself again. Dr. Li was there every step of the way to discuss diet, exercise, and nutrients. I followed the program and the weight came off. I’ve lost a total of 20lbs so far. My clothes fit again and I am back in the gym. I am so happy that I came to Dr. Li. I started 35 off looking good and feeling great. »

Corrine R. (DECEMBER 2017)

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