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Medical Weight Loss

Successful weight loss will benefit more than just the way you see yourself in the mirror. Along with better fitting cloths, an increase in confidence, losing weight can prevent and solve multiple health issues. When you realize that a serious solution to weight loss is needed, it is time to think about medical weight loss options.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss includes a physician-directed diet and possibly even an exercise routine, depending on the patient’s lifestyle. Medical weight loss does not mean taking the easy way out. It requires discipline found in other diet plans, but includes some extra help by applying effective breakthroughs in medicine aimed at weight loss. Dr. Li and her staff provide consistent support, accountability, encouragement, and advice.

Dr. Li’s Approach

Dr. Li offers a comprehensive consultation and provides the patient with program information. It is important for a patient to know what options are available to him/her. From there, patients are able to pick which program best suits their lifestyle. Dr. Li personalizes a diets according to the patient’s needs, weight, height, BMI, health concerns and over-all health which are determined after a series of assessment. Dr. Li will meet individually with you in order to track progress and discuss any concerns.

Real Cases from Optifast Program:

Weight Loss in Florham Park, NJ


Hi Dr Li–I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to get this to you. I hope I am not too late. Three and a half years ago when I entered Dr Li’s waiting room, I didn’t have high expectations of success. for my entire adult life, I have experienced a series of weight yo-yo’s. With Dr Li’s support, kindness, and expertise, I lost 20% of my body weight, and, thanks to Dr LI, for the first time in my life, I have kept it off. I continue to see her monthly as my “insurance policy.”

Mary Kimball

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Our physician-supervised weight loss programs include personalized diets, lifestyle coaching and ongoing support. It’s a highly successful program to promote life-long weight management.