Weight Loss Medications and Natural Supplements

Medications and Natural Supplements in Florham ParkWeight Loss Medications and Natural Supplements:

Weight loss medications are pharmacological agents that help to promote weight loss and can also help weight maintenance.

Several weight loss medications are available to suppress hunger and add support to your dietary and lifestyle plans. Some medications may also increase metabolic rates so the body can burn calories more efficiently.

Under the supervision of a medical professional, prescription weight loss medications could be a safe alternative to other weight loss treatments.

The best results can be achieved when they are a part of a comprehensive weight loss program. Dr. Li can assist you in choosing the right program that suits you and your life-style.

Dr. Li will evaluate the patient’s general health condition, examine the patient, perform the EKG, metabolism test, review laboratory results, and determine whether or not prescription weight-loss medication is applicable. If so, Dr. Li will prescribe the appropriate medication according to your health. In addition, Dr. Li will evaluate you as a whole person.

Dr. Li will also prescribe medications to treat weight related conditions, such as insulin resistance, hormone deficiency, as well as young women’s hormonal swings. Those conditions can slow down your weight loss if they are left alone and not treated.

In addition to prescription medications, Dr. Li also uses natural supplements for weight loss, which give additional hope for people who can’t use medications due to their health condition or who do not like to use prescription medications.

Natural supplements are safe, with no side effects.

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